the Bweyasoft app


Students, parents and teachers' data management, finance/accounting, human resources, sponsorship/donations and school report system.


Enabling collaboration on their most sensitive information.


Holding and keeping data intact


Secure and flexible collaboration solutions


Joining people up regardless of their locality


Data control and access is determined by customer

Benefits of the App

Real Time Data Management

All users are able to receive, view, edit information in the same time as long as they are logged in and on internet. Just with one click of reload the same information is viewed by all users immediately


The app BweyaSoft restrict double entry of the name and is well structured. All information is stored in a unique location and can be accessed easily

Easy Data Exchange

This app has a plausibility check system which hinders double entry of data especially the names, this helps to minimize confliction of data. Well structured which eases data entry and minimizes conflicting Data contents

Reduced paper work

There is no need to print hard copies and keep print outs somewhere in files All data & corresponding information can be accessed in the app well structured.

Clear Accountability

Easy to know the child’s bio data, school attendance and able to view all correspondence paper work with one click on the child’s or contact’s name. Accountability and quick tracking of the data is very made easy by one click even by search tab , Working on expansions that will allow financial accounting, receipts printing among others.

To request for setup installation click the link below